How Can I Spot the Good People When There Are So Many Jealous, Selfish and Fake People?


There are bad people.

There are sort of good people.

And there are truly good people.

I will only talk about the truly good people.

  • truly good people have no need to convince anyone that they are good
  • truly good people’s morals are based purely on conscience, not on society’s dictates or to obtain validation from others (they are moral non-conformists)
  • truly good people always consider others and themselves and consequences in whatever they do (they are always responsible with their choices)
  • truly good people have defeated their fear and mastered their other emotions (they cannot be intimidated out of their decisions and they strongly resist corruption)
  • truly good people would rather betray no one, failing which, they’d rather betray themselves than others (bad people seek to betray, sort of good people would rather betray everyone else, only truly good seek to betray no one including themselves)
  • truly good people are remarkably consistent, they do not get soft when in a good mood, and do not need to take their feelings out on others when in a bad mood (they are not easily corrupted)
  • truly good people are not convinced that they are good (they have true humility)
  • truly good people will first look for fault in themselves and then look for fault in others (but before they start looking for faults, they seek to know the truth of the situation)
  • to be loved or not is not the chief consideration of the truly good, to give love is
  • the truly good know how to protect themselves from evil (otherwise they’ll be exploited to death or corrupted to become evil)
  • the truly good tend to leave others alone, they do not seek to impose their brand of goodness on others or to control others because they understand that the true nature of goodness is based on individual truths and individuals taking responsibility, not followers roped into an agenda or seduced by delusional ideals
  • the truly good do not seek to dominate, they seek to facilitate (they do not focus on themselves, they focus on facilitating a successful outcome)
  • the truly good are soft on the inside, hard on the outside; and yet they are also hard on the inside, soft on the outside (either way, they are neither hard on both inside and outside, nor soft on both inside and outside, they combine grit, courage, determination, tolerance, acceptance)

Can you spot these traits in someone? It will take time.

You probably won’t get to tick off many checklist points from just 6 months of watching them. But if you spot him violating any single one of these, then the chances are that person is less and less truly good, depending on how many more points he violates.

Jamie Moyer



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