What are the biggest misconceptions people have about life?

  • The best things in life are always expensive. Contrary to be popular belief, it is not. Best things in life could not be bought using money. Mother’s love, cuddles, dew drops and watching the sunset for instance.
  • Pretty people have an easy life. They don’t. Even good looking people suffer- like you and I. They go through heartbreaks, failure and depression too. Nobody knows the depth of scar hidden beneath those pleasant looking doll faces. So stop judging them.
  • Rich people are generally happier. Again, untrue. Back then, I lived in a farm with my grandparent, extended relatives, cousins, seven parrots, chickens, two black cats and a dog in a small cottage house. Right now, I’m living all alone in a cozy condominium. Happier back then. Happiest.
  • Grades are the measure of someone’s intelligence. This is usually how the society determines the future of a child. ‘How many A’s for your midterm test?’. What about a child with autism, dyslexia or ADHD? Will you label them stupid just because they aren’t getting good grades?
  • Putting the blame/ blessing upon God. Maybe God is testing you. (If you are going through a bad phase in life). Acha, good that God blessed you. (If you’re going through a good phase in life). I do believe in God, but don’t think that we should associate God in everything that befalls us. That’s lame.
  • Fat people eat alot, all the time. I used to be fat, even when I eat less. I know many friends who have high metabolism rate even when they eat like horse. There is something called genetic factor and hormone imbalances that also contribute to your BMI, apart from your diet alone. -_-
  • Five minutes after your birth, your nationality, name, religion and sect is decided and you spend your entire lifetime defending something that you didn’t choose. -Bassem@Twitter This Bassem guy might be right. We let others to determine our life and lead it but give up on our dreams or choices easily. Why is that, I wonder?
  • You are always haunted by the ideas that you are wasting your life. At least, this society makes you feel threatened by your stand in life. It is constantly requiring your accomplishments, goals and future plans. What next in your life?
  • It is not okay to screw up your life or make mistakes. Recently, I’ve read an answer about keeping a journal about your mistakes. It seemed like a fabulous idea to me. To compile the list of mistakes you did and learn from it. I’m stealing this idea of yours now onwards.
  • Good people suffer due to their bad karma. They actually don’t. Look at those starving kids in the third world countries, aborted fetuses, babies born with AIDS, or poverty stricken families. What did they do to suffer as such? Definitely not their karma alone.
  • Sometimes, the thing you want most is the one you are best without. (Also applies to person) Once you start seeing your worth, it will be difficult to put up with people who are reckless with your feelings. Know your worth no matter what others perceive you as.
  • There is no right and wrong way or good and bad choices in life. Don’t let others determine what might suit you best. They have the absolute right to guide and mentor you but the decisions should you solely yours alone. Be bold enough to write your own destiny.

Ruby Senora



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