What makes a person boring?


1.Unbalanced conversation:
If a person does not keep the required balance between talking and listening intact during a conversation, others lose interest in him.

If a person’s conversations with others are like:
No listening all talking or No talking all listening.
Then, he becomes boring.

2. No attention or empathy for listeners or observers
A person who does not know or does not care that whether the other person is listening to him or not becomes a boring person.

Boring people are usually unable to read faces, unable to read expressions and unable to read gestures and that’s why they cannot tell if the other person is getting bored or not.

They cannot see things from other’s perspectives. They cannot understand other’s point of view.

Hence, they keep going and going and the person, who visits them once, never comes back again.

3. Repetition
Doing same things again and again makes a person predictable and hence, boring.

Boring people keep reading the same book again and again, they watch the same movie hundred times, and tell the same story a thousand times to their listeners.

This makes them boring because no one is willing to hear the same story again and again and again.

4. Inability to make others happy or lack of sense of humor
A person who can neither crack jokes nor appreciate jokes becomes a boring person.

A person who takes himself too seriously and does not enjoy his moments becomes a boring person.

People like to talk to highly focused, responsible plus energetic people.

5. No opinion, No interest
A person who has either no opinion on anything or cannot dare to speak his mind or does not know how to put his ideas into appropriate words is a boring person.

A person who likes to stay in his comfort zone by simply agreeing with the majority is always seen as a boring person.

6. Traditional approach towards everything
A person who never thinks about anything from a different angle becomes a boring person.

Boring people usually see things the way they are used to or the way they find it comfortable. That’s why they rarely discover anything new and even when they do, that thing is not new anymore.

7. No evolution, no improvement
It is human nature that Human beings like change. However, boring people either do not evolve at all or evolve at a very slow pace.

They do not like to change themselves. They do not like to do something new because it requires them to leave their comfort/safety zone and they are never ready for it. This lack of evolution makes them boring.

Syed Musawir



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