Who is the best-looking woman from your country?

Hello Pakistani here.

My mother told me about this woman and I guess I’ll tell my kids about her.

Meet this lady Mahnoor Baloch.


52 years old Mahnoor Baloch is the evergreen beauty of Pakistan glamours industry. She made her tv debut in 1993 and immediately conquered the industry with her evergreen face and simple beauty.


She was also in the top ten list of most young looking South Asian faces along with SriDevi. She has maintained her beauty throughout her career and she still looks as young as she was 20 years back.


Recently, Baloch was spotted in Greece enjoying vacations which made every woman envious of her long lasting beauty and broke the internet. Here comes some pictures:






Surprisingly, Mahnoor baloch seems to be young but she is not. She has a daughter whose age is 24 yes you got it right. The daughter of Mahnoor Baloch looks to be elder than her. Balouch happens to be a grand mother of one as well.


With her daughter and son in law.




On her daughter’s wedding.


Baloch with her husband, daughter and son in law.

P.S: Officially, she is 46 while real age is 52.

Aqsa Mirza











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