How do I know that I am an introvert?

There are two types of Introverts namely Extreme Introverts and Ambitious Introverts.

Extreme Introverts are those people who possess these qualities

signs of an introvert

  1. Love Isolation
  2. Hate public gatherings
  3. Don’t like to make friends as they feel they can’t find the right person.
  4. You don’t care what others think about you as you are happy in your world.
  5. You love to listen to people and speak less.
  6. You are most caring towards your loved ones.

Ambitious Introverts are those who want to overcome the above problems but end up doing something else

  1. Despite you like isolation you go to public gatherings but your inner mind is still isolated.
  2. You make quick friends but your friends depart from you within couple of weeks as they find you boring.
  3. You care for everyone who speaks to you well whether it is the watchman or your boss.
  4. You get hurt very quickly when a person distances himself/herself from you. This is because you are possessive about them and care for them.
  5. You don’t have a girlfriend (if a teenager) as girls find you very boring.
  6. Last point, you point isn’t much valued in spite you being right most of the time. This is because this world thinks that introverts are smart fools who they can’t match your knowledge.

Knowledge: Introverts possess more knowledge than Extroverts but Extreme Introverts don’t speak but Ambitious Introverts speak out. Ambitious Introverts like Narendra Modi, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Zuckerberg, etc have succeeded despite the odds. Introverts if ambitious can succeed in life. If you ask me, if you fall in the extreme introverts category, start becoming ambitious you will succeed in life.


Shashank Kamath




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