Has anyone had an encounter with a ghost in real life?


My first experience happened when I was about six years old. I shared my bedroom with my older brother and we always slept with lights on. Our bedroom’s door had a window with frosted glass, so I could see outside (the living room) though not clearly. One night, I woke up around midnight, went to bathroom, and then returned to my bed to sleep. My brother was asleep at that time. Once I lay in bed, I looked at my bedroom’s door, and saw a palm of someone’s hand against the window glass, from outside.

I could only see the palm but not the person, since it was dark outside and bright inside. I quickly thought it was just my mom trying to enter my bedroom to check on her sons. So I waited… and waited… and waited for her to come in. She did not. The palm was still there on the glass. I had no negative thoughts, so I decided to open the door to let the person in.


As I was walking toward the door, I could still see the palm, until the very instant when I opened the door. And I found nobody outside! The living room was dark and empty. I was confused. I returned to my bed. I looked at the door again and I saw nothing but darkness outside. I could not sleep, wondering what had just happened. Then I saw the same palm again on the window. I was still thinking it was my mom. I waited, then I opened the door again and I found nobody outside. I walked back to bed again confusedly. The palm was gone! After a few minutes, the palm reappeared! I opened the door for the third time and found no one outside. Then I realized I was being played by something… non human. I immediately became so scared that I could not even speak/scream and I hid under my brother’s bed until the next morning. I kept the event as secret for years because I was convinced nobody would believe my story.

My second experience happened about one year later. I woke up at midnight, feeling the urge to take a leak. The shortcut to bathroom was through the living room, family room, and my parents’ bedroom, before reaching the hallway to bathroom. The intermediate rooms were all dark, but the hallway was well lit. I had become afraid of the dark since I saw the freaky palm, but somehow, that night, I wanted to prove to myself I was not scared. So, I challenged myself. I opened my parents’ bedroom door. My legs were inside the bedroom, and my head was outside. I was observing the family room for several minutes. It was quiet and peaceful.


Suddenly, I saw a plus-sized and extremely tall woman (more than seven feet tall), walking in the hallway toward the family room. As she walked under the light, our eyes met each other. It was clear to me she was non human, not of this world. Her face and skin were almost perfect, resembling mannequins, smeared in make-up. She wore a rare traditional local dress, widely used during monarchy time almost a century ago. Fearing what I saw, I abruptly closed and unexpectedly slammed the door. Inside my parents’ bedroom, I could still see the hallway through another door’s window. I saw a large dark shadow moving away very fast and disappearing behind walls. The shadow’s movement was not human-like, as it did not run off, but it flew away. The noise of the closing door startled and woke up my parents. They asked me what happened. I told them nothing, fearing they would not believe my story.





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