What is the biggest obstacle to becoming a millionaire?


what is the biggest obstacle to becoming a millionaire?

I think that the biggest obstacle to becoming a millionaire is the need to become a millionaire. When your only goal is profit, I find it unlikely to succeed, and if you do, you lose yourself in the process.

Of course, the reason behind every business seems to be profit, so an entrepreneur who doesn’t care about it might seem absurd and bound to fail. In reality, the reason behind every business should be the propagation of a principle. I believe that every entrepreneur should care about something more than money, be it a spiritual value or a social ideal. First of all, we are humans; therefore we need to find our purpose in something meaningful, whereas money is just a tool and also a result of that something.

The concept of a brand lies in an idea that we support, not in money. The hunger for money should be limited only to accepting those material advantages that come with the conformation to the principle you propagate, without denying them out of an extreme idealism.

If all this still seems idealistic gibberish, consider this: no matter how naïve they might be, people have a sixth sense for authenticity. You might be able to manipulate them for a while, or sell thanks to your great content-writing and marketing strategies, but sooner or later they will realize you are fake. They already feel it and know it, but they buy your stuff out of a consumerism inertia they are resigned to. That is why I’m saying that you can easily gain buyers, but loyalty… that’s another story. You have to be authentic and choose a principle you truly believe in, meaning that it must be more important than money. Do so and you might become a millionaire.


Markus Buch




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