What is the proper course of action for finding my wife in bed with another man?


Twist the guy around like a balloon animal! Kidding :))

If it were me, I’d tell the guy to put his pants back on and get the fuck out of my house. I’d tell my wife to put some clothes on and meet me in the kitchen.

Once he was gone, I’d ask my wife, as calmly as I could, what the fuck she was doing in bed with another guy.

If she couldn’t give me a good answer, I’d pack a bag for myself and move into a hotel while I filed for divorce. No yelling. No violence. Those things only give your wife and her lover ammunition later on.

Be as cool as you can. Don’t engage in argument or discussion. Give yourself a chance to calm down in a place where you won’t have to look at her until you are calm.

See a lawyer and start filing for divorce. Maybe you and your wife can have a calm conversation at some point, maybe get some counseling and put your marriage back together…But maybe not.

The important thing is to keep your cool and not do anything violent. Give yourself some time to cool down, but file for divorce so she knows you are serious about leaving. See how you feel at that point. That way, you did everything right and she is left with the guilt


Alison Bennett



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