What would you say to your bullies if you saw them now? Would you forgive them?

would you forgive your bullies?

Most of them yes.


Because they were kids at the time and kids do stupid things, things that they regret or hopefully grow out of. I can’t hate my bullies because like me, they had no clue about how to be decent.

Much, much later in my life I actually did meet some of my bullies at a college party. We exchanged an awkward ‘Hi’ yet we generally didn’t speak to each other however as the night progressed we found ourselves laughing at the same jokes and making small conversation.

No one mentioned the past and at the end of the night it was completely behind us. We all grew up and lived our lives.

There is one bully I can never forgive though. He was (probably) a psychopath. He was physically abusive to other people for fun. He smashed a kid’s head on the corner of a wall and beat up kids for the fun of it. He strangled me (and would have continued if someone didn’t step in) and in general found delight in hurting people.

He went on to be expelled and God knows where he is now; in jail, probably?

I’m not sure if I could forgive that kind of behavior.

Bullying is hard to forgive but there are times we must assess why our bullies were bullies and ask can it be forgiven?


Victoria Weaver



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