What are some homemade tips for fitness and health?

sea food importance

Seafood for ageless skin
Eating fish three times a week cuts wrinkling and sagging by 30 per cent, as seafood is rich in protein, minerals and omega-3 fats — nutrients that nourish the collagen and muscles that keep skin smooth. Salmon, for one, is also rich in Astaxanthin — an antioxidant that reduces fine lines and wrinkling.

green tea importance

Green tea to beat stress
Green tea has compounds that help your brain use blood sugar for fuel and stimulate the production of energizing hormones called endorphins. So the next time you’re feeling sapped of energy, docs say, just sip on green tea.

walnut benefits

Walnuts for a strong heart
Cardiologists recommend eating five to six walnuts daily to cut your risk of a heart attack by half and add almost three healthy years to your life. Turns out these crunchy treats are one of the richest natural sources of artery-healing monounsaturated fats.

turmeric importances

Turmeric for good memory
Adding turmeric to your diet could sharpen your memory by at least 30 per cent, say experts. This happens because of turmeric’s active ingredient — Curcumin — is one of the most powerful brain-nourishing antioxidants ever discovered.

benefits of breathing

Quell stress with breathing
Take to belly breathing to ease stress and anxiety. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of six, allowing your belly to relax and expand as you do. Hold for a count of four, and then slowly exhale through your mouth for another count of seven. Repeat until you feel fine.

benefits of napping

Nix pains with naps
In case of frequent headaches, backaches, sore joints or other pain problems; just go off to sleep. Studies suggest getting a little more snooze could cut your discomfort by half within one month. Sleep boosts your production of growth hormones, which reduces inflammation and speed healing of damaged tissues.


Cinnamon to maintain BP
According to researchers, adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to your daily diet could improve your blood sugar control by 29 per cent or more — it slows carbohydrate absorption in your small intestines.


Veggies strengthens immunity
Eat plenty of colorful veggies to prevent illness. Carrots, peppers, and okra are great for boosting immunity. Make your plate colorful with veggies. It’s what’s in the plant’s pigment that keeps the lining of your respiratory tract healthy, so viruses can’t get a foothold and increase the production of disease-fighting immune cells.

benefits of honey

Honey to kill virus
Unpasteurized honey is packed with natural antibiotics and healing enzymes, and eating it when you’re ill can cut three days off your sickness. It also kills the virus that causes sinus infections and other cold complications.


Eddie Hardy



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