What is the simplest recipe you know?

lemon rice

Name of the Dish: Lemon Rice- Indian Cuisine


Things you will need:

1 Cup cooked rice, 1 teaspoon Mustard seeds, 1 teaspoon of split Black gram(Urad dal), 1 green chili, 2 Dried red chili, 1 pinch of Hing, Mustard oil, Roasted groundnuts, Curry leaves (from one pinnate), three spoons of fresh lemon juice.

How to make it?

Step 1: Use medium flame, in a pan first add three spoons of mustard oil and wait for two minutes for the oil to gain sufficient temperature.

Step 2: Add mustard seeds followed by split black gram. Wait for the mustard seeds to crackle and split black gram to turn golden brown.

Step 3: Add curry leaves and let it sauté till curry leaves become slightly crispy.

Step 4: Add dried red Chili followed by finely chopped green chili. Wait for two minutes and add groundnuts.

Step 5: Wait for a minute and add hing and turn the heat source off. Add the lemon juice to the mixture after the heat source is turned off.

Step 6: Put the rice in the pan and mix with care while ensuring the rice is not split.

Serve after a minimum of 10 minutes from the last step.


The delay of 10 minutes is necessary for the spices to release their aroma and create an utterly mouth watering taste and bliss in the mouth.

You can increase or decrease the quantity of hing or green chili as per your requirement of spices.


Uttam Rajeti




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