Is Trump’s temporary ban on non-citizen Muslims entering the country good or bad?

I think it is fine.
Did he really say every single Muslim? No. He said Muslims with IS and Radical ties.

How will this affect Muslims in the US? It doesn’t.

How long does he want to ban Muslims immigration? Temporarily.

Is it wrong to ban Muslims? Not any more wrong than the existence of Habeas Corpses.

Should Muslims feel offended? Absolutely not. If they have done nothing wrong and do not support IS then they should show that through supporting a common sense policy.

Will this help recruit more people to join IS? No. People who already hate the West and already believe in radicalized ideas will join IS regardless what Trump says or doesn’t. Videos of the Clintons and other leaders are being shown. Adding Trump is no big deal. By the way, Clinton gave IS the idea to show videos of Trump. As said, people who want to join IS are going to join whether they see a clip of Trump or not. There is something fundamentally wrong and sick about these people. Again, to make the assertion that a video will solely recruit people is stupid.

How is it common sense? If Enemy X continuously and consistently threatens and attacks you and your allies then obviously you would ban everyone associated with Enemy X for your own security.

Does Trump hate Muslims? No, he does not hate peaceful Muslims. He does not hate peaceful Islam.


Eli Jenkins



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