What is Donald Trump’s personality type?

donald trump

He’s ESTP. His jerky, abrupt, and aggressive movements are textbook Extraverted Sensing (Se), and believe it or not, he’s much scripted and pragmatic in his presentation, which is indicative of thinking, which in his case would be introverted thinking (Ti).

That’s ESTP.

He’s not ENTP because there isn’t a lot of long-term strategy in what he’s doing. It’s very cause-and-effect. Obama is ENTP. (With a very well-developed Fe, or extraverted feeling)

He’s not ESTJ, because ESTJs have a lot of respect for established norms and the “proper” way to do things, which he obviously has no respect for.

He’s not ESFP because he’s cold, calculating, and doesn’t feel social pressure like a feeler would (Bill Clinton is ESFP, and everyone that’s met him says he’s very warm and accommodating), and ESFPs feel a sentimentality that ESTPs don’t. (Fi, or introverted feeling, does that)

Also, for those that are calling him stupid, he’s not. He’s a textbook salesman, and he not only knows what he’s selling, he knows who he’s selling it to.


Chris Sutton



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