How do you cope with anxiety?

By the law of polarity, there are two sides to everything. If you encounter a problem, realize that on the other side, there is a solution also. If you see poverty realize that there is prosperity on the other side. And the big fact is that hardly anything is permanent in the game of life. Everything goes away with time, even us.

Negative thoughts are like dust and one of its consequences is anxiety.

The dust should be cleaned regularly. If it is not then it will create harmful result in your life.

How do you clean the dust and throw it away? You use many methods.

You can toss away your negative thoughts. Calm down and try to see the thoughts flowing in your brain.

Imagine you have dust thoughts and you want to toss it away. While you are imagining tossing, exhale and toss it with air coming from your nose. When you toss air from your nose the dusty thoughts come out.

Imagine while exhaling that your all negative thoughts are coming out with the air.

When you are stressed, take a deep breath, absorb all dust and throw these away by exhaling.

Inhale and say everything has solution.

Just do this practice for five minutes you will feel relaxed.






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