What are good ways to overcome sadness?

This morning I received a preliminary cancer diagnosis.

I was numb and silent as my mother and doctor discussed treatment options and the possibility of chemotherapy.

How does one overcome sadness?

There is no such way.

Sadness is inherent in the human condition. We are created and born alone: eventually, we will die alone, and forgotten about within a few generations. How can we cope with this loneliness? How can we go on?

We do, slowly.

You ask how we rid ourselves of sadness. We cannot. We all learn to carry it within ourselves, and day by day we get a firmer hold over this suffering.

The trick is to balance this with life and joy. Neither should overcome the other: there is a subtle beauty in sadness and longing. Pain breeds art, and then hope and light. It is all interconnected.

Do not be afraid of the dark. Hold it close. One day, perhaps, you will be happy to have known it: you will be happy to know you have truly lived.






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