What are some anxiety and depression hacks?

My Top 10 Depression & Anxiety Hacks!
(All free. No drugs. Guaranteed to work.)

Exercise – specifically aerobic exercise; even just 20 minutes a day walking on a treadmill. If you do nothing else, do this.

Laugh – make it your mission to find things that make you laugh really hard. Even if you’re depressed or anxious, you can still laugh. Or just watch “The Princess Bride” and “Office Space” on continuous loop.

Sing out loud…Loudly. I find “It’s Now or Never” by Elvis works really well. Really belt it out. You will thank me.

Puzzles – the harder the better. If your mind is preoccupied solving the puzzle, it has little chance of being depressed or anxious.

Count – by sevens. It’s really hard to be depressed or anxious when you’re counting by sevens. If you lose your place, start over. (Similar to puzzles except you can do it anywhere at any time)

Belly breathe – it’s so important to breathe. Slowly and deeply. Sometimes it takes just three deep breaths to feel noticeably better.

Drink water – we don’t drink enough and dehydration can contribute to the blahs.




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