What are the signs I have inferiority complex in daily social interactions?

scared man

Inferiority complex is something which bugs all of us at some point of time. Everybody here does feel inferior to someone and that’s okay as we are only human beings. But it becomes a problem when there is too much inferiority complex and that can actually lead to depression and self hate. Some of the signs are:

  1. Always comparing self with others. May it be your skin color, your face, marks, salary or whatever? Stop. Right there. Because the other person is not you! YOU are you. They have different challenges, goals, difficulties and you have your own. So stop comparing yourself with others. (Cliché, I know but nonetheless true). Trust me; since I have stopped comparing myself, I live a much peaceful, happy life.
  2. Constantly looking for approval. The only opinions that should matter are of those important to you. Let the rest go to hell. If they don’t like it, it is their problem not yours.
  3. Devaluing others. The most common sign of inferiority complex, making others feel bad about themselves so I may feel better about myself. Yet!
  4. Taking criticism way too harshly. ‘What did he just say about me? Huh?’ I’m already feeling down about his criticism. God what is wrong with me?
  5. Feelings of jealousy, shame, guilt
  6. Always doubting your abilities.
  7. Trying to fit in. I just hope everybody likes me while I am trying to act like them.
  8. Being very judgmental about people and always finding loopholes about their ways.

Well, I came across these beautiful lines,

The truth about you is this:

You are not inferior,

You are not superior,

You are YOU!

So don’t be too harsh on yourself. Nobody is perfect.






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