What causes low self esteem?

man with low self esteem

Bullying, bullying as a child will destroy you. Will destroy your confidence and you will not have the courage to speak a single word. This low self esteem caused in your childhood might stick with you forever.

When I was a kid I was bullied at school a lot. Everyone used to make fun of me. I lost all my confidence in myself and I stopped attending my classes and started getting really bad grades. Until now, I am a 23 year old guy who hates being with people, who will compare himself to everyone around him, depressed and cries a lot A LOT, all the time literally. I hate being with people. I do not trust anyone and I have grave emotional issues. No one now talks to me. I had friends that I lost at some point because of the emotional issues because they think I am a “drama queen” and they are “sick of my childish acts of being depressed and crying”, which of course made my situation worse. I have never had a girlfriend because of my low self esteem. I started smoking at a very young age and I was addicted to masturbation. When my parents discovered that I am depressed, instead of supporting me they shouted at me and were like “It is just a phase which will go”. I even had suicidal thoughts many times. No one understands me. Even if they do, I had to accept the ugly truth that no one cares.

All this is just because of being bullied when I was a kid.






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