How can I improve my critical and analytical thinking?

You can improve your analytical abilities in a wide variety of ways! Some would argue that the ability to analyze and engage in critical thinking is the greatest skill that a comprehensive #education – of any kind – can provide.

Outside of school and family wisdom, an excellent #self education would include reading non-fiction, writing with feedback from good editors, traveling, debating/sharing ideas and researching topics of interest to you. Read topics you don’t understand and those that you think might not be interesting to you as well… Listen to other people’s debates and look for clues as to what makes sense on a #logical level- but also what makes sense to you. These activities all provide greater opportunities for all of us to improve our critical-analytical abilities!

An essential key to all this is to also understand how #logic (as a science) works. Once you understand the principles of logic – And you don’t have to make a profession out of it – then you’ll improve what you hear and can sort through nonsense more speedily and with great skill. Good as this concept is – even this, however, won’t be enough.

You’ll need excellent #language skills. We don’t always understand what’s being said because we don’t understand the nuances of the language and how people use it effectively….but more often, ineffectively. Your best language is the one that will serve you in this quest for better #analytical and critical abilities.

Also – do not underestimate the power of #emotion. If you do, you’ll be left out in the cold expecting the world to operate in a cold and logical fashion and most creative pursuits – but everything else humans do (with a few exceptions) are influenced by our #feelings and our perception of feelings. No critical analysis worth our time is useful with this skill. I do realize that some people believe that emotion is antithetical to critical thinking and analysis. Their horror that I’d suggest otherwise is not lost on me. I find it amusing actually.

We are biological, not #silicon characters – so our relatively random and imperfect reactions are part of our genius and our flaws. We like critical analyses that follow certain principles but I’ll argue that we relate to analyses that are ultimately human – because that is who we are. That’s how we experience the world. Relate – ability is important – I would argue- to a coherent #critical analysis – though I wouldn’t start there because logic should come ahead of this.

I realize that some folks are working hard and fast to make #computers more like us. I enjoy this #science – on some level. Perhaps they hope that they’ll find the secret to our #humanity and ”better” combine that with a computer’s indomitable logic capabilities and create the “perfect” critical analyst? The jury is still out and I’m betting that we’ll create extraordinary robots and #computer generated programs that will be unable to completely satisfy that pipe dream.

On a personal note: I’m more interested in seeing people pursue greater logic and critical skills from within their/our #personal\experience- not outside it. #Perspective matters. There’s something (of course) to be said for an outsider’s critical analysis – but not an inhuman outsider’s analysis. Not only is a computer or #robot imperfect on that measure of understanding the #human experience from the inside – but there’s something else. We trust ourselves the most. At least – I believe we do. I believe this because of our fatal flaw. We don’t like to listen to others. We try and we try but this is a skill.

This brings me to my last personal suggestion on this topic. I find it fascinating to think this through. Thank you. Experience the world in all its majesty. You cannot critically analyze us or our creations – or anything else for that matter….without a high level of world experience. I leave the details of how to achieve this up to you. We all have different capabilities and interests. We are all not equally imaginative. Our imaginations are luckily very different from one another. That’s the beauty of #living – if that’s what you really want to do.






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