Why are Chinese people so proud of their food?

Because they have every justification to be proud of it.

It’s undeniably tasty

The 8 major cuisines of China blend and balance salty, sweet, spicy, sour and bitter to create bold flavors and subtle fragrances that appeal to a lot of people. Many people can eat Chinese food every day and never get bored of it. It’s actually difficult to have a bad meal anywhere in China, whether you’re eating in street-side shacks or 5-star hotels.

It’s varied & creative

From roast lamb and naan bread and hearty stews in the North to the artful dim sums of the South, this single country offer cuisines that vary as much as those covering all areas from Moscow to Los Angeles and down to Buenos Aires in terms of flavors and cooking styles. Most dishes are a careful balance of not just the flavors but also the textures, shapes, and colors. Not only is it delicious but it’s often fun to eat.

It’s relatively healthy*

A typical Chinese meal on the whole is very balanced with meat and vegetables and just a few carbs. Not too much sugar, or salt, or oil, or indeed too much of anything. You might have a soup or broth. Of course, you could pick and choose unhealthy dishes to excess – not all dishes in and of themselves are healthy. The range of ingredients in each dish, including garlic, ginger, and so on, offers a wide range of nutrients. Many dishes are based on a foundation of Chinese medicine principles, which, again, is about balance and moderation.

*Obviously, it’s probably healthier to eat Chinese food outside of China, to avoid the heavy metals, gutter oil, fake meat, and various pollutants!

It’s China’s trademark

Chinese food must surely be what China is most famous for, and yet most people throughout the world may have only ever been exposed to a minuscule representation of it, namely Cantonese or Cantonese-inspired food. Food is China’s brand, its ambassador. From the 19th century through present day, many Chinese emigrants arrive in other countries and set up restaurants. For a time in the USA restaurants and laundry businesses were the only options for entrepreneurial Chinese people, and so the food became synonymous with the people and culture in the minds of Westerners. Today when a Chinese person meets someone from another land, they know they always have that one reliable talking point – their shared experience and appreciation of Chinese food.






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