Why can’t I find a good girl?

girl in outdoor

I’ve done a little dating and I’ve certainly been there emotionally—perhaps a little frustrated with the process. I’m guessing the three biggest groups of questions for girls in this time of life are the following:

  • Does he have goals? Does he have passion?
  • Does he have a decent job? Does he have a degree of economic security?
  • Does he respect people? Will he treat me well? How does he treat his family, and specifically his mom and his sisters?

Beyond that I might suggest:

  • How do you define a good girl?
  • Where should you look to find a good girl?
  • How are you demonstrating that you’re a good guy (and not a bad one)?

Sometimes you also have to be persistent in terms of trying. Hopefully you’ll find the one for you—your true good girl for love and marriage.

You might consider asking some questions about what they look for and/or questions that give you a sense of their motivation, identity, and character (but without pushing that line too hard) very early on in the dating process.

If you’re doing online dating, it might be helpful to be a bit more explicit about the type of girl you are looking for (although not enough so that they can just repeat it back at you to verbatim).






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