How can I become patient?

Impatience is mainly a person’s inability to withstand a certain irritating emotion. The less you can stand irritation and emotional pressure the more impatient you will become. It was found that the more a person is confident about winning the more patient he becomes.
The most important thing you need to know is that:

Patience is developed by practice. It is a practice of control over your emotions.

You can read more at:
Psychophysiological Study of Patience

Now, coming to the what to do…

To practice patience, intentionally take yourself into a frustrating condition and try to calm yourself down. The healthiest way I can think of is:
Whenever you get an opportunity, stand in the longest line (can be traffic line too). And wait patiently. Not by distraction by fully aware of the grilling frustration that is coming. Then, when you are 50% through, let a person behind you come ahead. This will cheer everyone and you up at your act. When you reach 25%, let 2 people behind you get ahead.

Why this is SO MUCH important is that this way, when you are able to see for yourself that life is not just about everybody standing in your way. It’s not about you not able to achieve what you want. It’s more than that. We are born with a first person view which makes us feel we are the absolute centre of the universe. You may not believe it but psychology says your sub-conscious mind believes that. When you discover the beauty of life and how small these little setbacks are towards your expedition, you will be stronger and will see opportunities rather than frustration.





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