How can I forget the past and move on?

Well you don’t even need to forget about the past. You just need to put it down, leave it alone for a while, before you change it.

You might ask, how is it possible to go back in time and change your past’s mistakes?

First you need to know there isn’t really a difference between past, present and future. Whatever you’ve done/experienced in the past makes your present, so how can you say your past is different from your present?

It’s very common to hear successful people say ”I’m glad that I’ve made mistake years ago/ when I was young because that made me who I am today.” If there isn’t the ‘past’ mistake, there will not be a ‘future’ success for him. And now the ”past’s” mistakes seemed so right.

He changed his ‘past’.

Now here’s something you can do:

  • Believe that your bad experiences are your asset – a story to be shared with young people. Bad experiences are often lessons to give you a clue how to succeed.
  • See through the facts of time – past isn’t so ‘unreachable’ from future.
  • Plan – you have goals, but you are easily disturbed by your bad experience. Plan a route to your life goals based on your experience.





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