How do you raise healthy kids, physically and emotionally?

Love them, listen to them, and honor who THEY are.

If you have a child that is naturally social, active, and outdoorsy, your job will seem much easier, because the things they love to do coincide with those our society values. You look like a great parent by default.

If you have a child that is introverted, intellectual (sedentary), and prefers the comforts of climate control, you’ll have a greater challenge helping them become their best selves in a world that is constantly expecting them to live entirely out of their comfort zones. But there are ways, when you care enough to find them.

I happen to have one of each, so I’ve had the pleasure of feeling like super mom and awful mom simply for respecting my kids as individuals. There’s no one-size-fits-all method that is best for all kids (or grownups!).





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