How can I, as an introvert, enjoy being with people more?

I used to be an Introvert till I was 19. I spent almost my entire life barely speaking a word. However, all changed because of this senior in college, spending time with whom made even a wuss like me sociable.

On close observations, I can draw the following hacks how any Introvert can become sociable…

1. Smile
The friendliest gesture in the world is a smile. When you meet a person (no matter how annoying for an Introvert), when you smile, you make things comfortable for yourself and for him.

2. Initiate the conversations
The secret to overcoming your fears is taking actions. It’s no different here. Whenever you pass by someone and you know him/ her or even his name or by face or you know what he/she does, initiate the conversation.

If you have a mutual friend with that person, ask “Hey, have seen Rahul? Was searching for him?”

If it’s an uncle you know, just smile and ask, “How are you uncle? All good?”

People love it when you come to talk to them, everybody does. You usually won’t come across anyone who will shoo you off.

3. Find a common ground
The desire for a human being to socialize with another is the need to talk similar interests. There’s always something that you would share in common with the other person. It might be the movies, or the love of animals, or love for sports, or it can even be girls.

Try observing the guy/ girl closely. He might be wearing your favorite brand; his cell phone wallpaper might be your favorite player or a photo of the place you had recently been to. That girl might be wearing a bracelet just like yours or she has a pet dog just like you.

4. If not then Pretend
If the point number 3 is still unknown, pretend or Yes Man whatever he says with genuine interest.

5. Laugh at their jokes
Let’s face it, everyone’s humor level is different. You won’t usually get people with a ‘cool humor’ like you. People love it when you laugh at their jokes, they think, “Hey! He thinks I’m cool, I got their acceptance”
Laugh it off, be good at it. Remember Chandler Bing’s Work laugh?

6. Listen carefully/ Remember their names
When you are being introduced to someone, remember their names so that when you meet them later, you can call them by their name. People get amazed once you say you remember them.
They get the feeling; he’s that cool, social guy who’s full of life.

7. Relate the stories
When someone tells you a story what happened, remember something similar or remember any goddamn story and tell it. That’s the way how you broaden you conversation.

8. Drop your assumptions
This is the most important of them all. When you wish to go ahead and be sociable, drop everything negative you can possibly think of. Do not think stuff like,
“Will she be rude?”,
“Will he think I’m desperate?”,
“What would they think about my voice/accent?”,
“What if my gestures aren’t graceful?”

blah blah! DON’T!

Drop them completely. Nobody has enough time in their lives to think about you, just get this through your head.

Good luck. People are as fun as you are.





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