What is the saddest thing about human existence?

Putting aside racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, shaming, unnecessary judgment, gluttony, excessive laziness, astounding stupidity, and every other crime that humanity could potentially solve if we all banded together and did it, what’s saddest of all about human existence is that we would ultimately be better off not existing in the first place.

Have you ever stopped, looked around, and truly taken in just how much suffering it takes for humans to live in any kind of comfort? We need to chop down trees and mine out rocks just to have houses because by some evolutionary blunder, we can’t sleep outside! We need air conditioning in the summer and heaters in the winter because for some reason, we don’t have the sense to just pick a climate and stay there! We need to spew out how many gazillions of liters of gas just so we can get to jobs we probably hate REALLY quickly! That doesn’t even take into account the fact that most people are actually pretty shitty drivers, meaning that we actively poison our own breathing air just to have the opportunity to seriously risk death on the way to jobs we, once again, probably don’t even like. And even all of that doesn’t cover the full extent of it.

We actively rape the planet every single day. Some of us much more than others, but as a whole we are all responsible and even individually we do quite a ton of shit to this earth. And why? Because despite the fact that we are the only animal on earth capable of coming even remotely close to understanding the futility of life, we really wanna live, so we just push it out of our minds and keep on going.

If you really think about it, humanity as a whole seems to be like a virus that’s too self-aware for its own good. An outstandingly large mistake in nature that is now too capable to be destroyed, save for some lucky apocalyptic event we either cause or can’t prevent.

On the whole, a self-loathing virus that just keeps on going because despite the fact that it is literally the only animal on the planet capable of understanding and therefore choosing to rebel against its programming, it lacks the courage to actually try and rebel.

But why should we stop existing? There’s just so much art and science to do, right? Except…why is art and science worth so much? See, even if you are a true intellectual who just wants to learn for its own sake, all you’re ever doing is amassing information to satisfy more of your programming – curiosity as well as the belief that one SHOULD be curious usually drives most people into art and science. Sometimes, it’s even for social acceptance – if you’re too smart to hang around most people, then you HAVE to be into exploring the world and learning new things just so you can have friends who like and encourage your belief in your activities’ importance.

And all of that doesn’t take into account the billions of people who would gladly go into art and science to find any way to profit off of it. More ways to manipulate and control people, as well as rape the planet (or, maybe eventually, other planets) further.

In summary: the saddest thing about humanity is that the fear of death and social rejection drives just about everything we do, and even our most noble pursuits are effectively meaningless unless you don’t think about it too much.

In an hour or two, I won’t feel as depressed as this text is making me sound because I won’t be thinking about this too much anymore.






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