How do I attract money into my life using the law of attraction?

As per Law of Attraction, there are only 3 steps to get what you want in life – Ask, Believe & Receive. You should do all 3 steps every single day… until you achieve what you want.

  • Ask the universe – by setting goals, by writing down your goals on a sheet of paper, by visualizing etc.
  • Believe in yourself & the universe – by taking logical steps (action) towards your goals, by behaving in a way like you’ve already achieved your goal (faking it until making it).
  • Receive from the universe – You must allow yourself to receive from the universe.

Now, this is where the Law of Attraction gets tricky. Let me explain…

To receive from the universe, you need to release resistance from your body & mind, and guide yourself towards positive thoughts & emotions. The best way to do this is through meditation, listening to your favorite music, playing guitar, walking in a park, catharsis (emotional outburst) or any other activity which feels good for you (this is very important…. it should feel good for you).

These are some points about LoA which most people misunderstand…

  1. If your goal is to increase your income to one million dollars per year, then it doesn’t mean that you’ll get a million dollars falling from the sky every single year. Receiving means, you might get bumped into a person who can show you an excellent business opportunity through which you can earn that income. Or you might get bumped into an website or a book or any other kind of assistance from the universe for earning that income.
  2. You should think about your goals only when you’re setting goals & taking actions (step 1 and 2). When you come to step 3, you must let go of your goal and focus towards something else which feels good. This might sound strange, but that’s how the universe works.





One thought on “How do I attract money into my life using the law of attraction?

  1. Thanks for the excellent info! These steps are so simple, yet how often do we ignore this simplicity! (and I count myself in that group at times). You provide an excellent example of deliberate creation…focusing on the desired outcome and paying attention to the corresponding feelings. The goal is to use this focus to increase our vibration to the highest level. That’s when miracles really happen 🙂

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