How do you overcome the feeling of inferiority when you see how much more others your age have achieved?

By looking at people your age who have achieved less than you have!

The above was just meant as a joke, if you haven’t realized it already!

Now, to give the real answer, I will try to present my thoughts as methodically and clearly as I can.

What is success? This question deals primarily with the notion of success.
Success can mean different things to different people. Is it about earning more money? Is it about having good relationships? Is it about maintaining good health? Is it about being a better person?

When I was younger, and was searching for a ‘role model’, I was unable to really find one. Even the most successful people who did what they loved, had some or the other problem in their lives when you looked at it closely. Some cheated on their wives, some had bad relationships, some didn’t know how to handle money…

Success, I learnt along the way, is not about achieving or having ‘X’ thing or virtue. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to achieve or better yourself, and be smugly content with whatever comes your way.

Success is a continuous endeavor to improve yourself today from what you were yesterday. There is no start or end to it. Sometimes people will sit up and take notice of your achievements, but most times you just have to keep pushing for your own satisfaction. If you think you have achieved everything you need and stop, you will have a downfall in no time.

You will have a lot of hurdles on the way. Everyone has. It is okay to let yourself fail, let yourself fail, but the point is to pick yourself up again and continue. Being a loser is not such a bad thing as it is made out to be. But do learn from your mistakes.  Learn from your failures, instead of brooding over them.

And, try to smile through it please!

I am not religious but consider this for a moment. If there was a judgment day, and you were standing there with all the people your age, God wouldn’t ask how much wealth you achieved or how many cars you had. The worldly definitions of ‘success’ will not make any difference.

What will matter then, is how far you came from where you started; how many hurdles you could cross; how many times you could pick yourself up after failing; how much you could learn from your experiences.

And if you think you are too old now to start, remember it’s never too late!





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