What do you do to get over a bad mood?

Do something physical. Anything.

Get outside. Sunlight has healing properties, and helps make Vitamin D. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that converts to a hormone. There are bonding sites on many cells, including in areas of the brain associated with depression.

Talk to someone that loves you and that you love back. Emotional connection cements a positive human experience. No man is an island. We all need each other, especially the ones we love

Find that flow activity, and do that. Maybe it’s playing with your nephew, or painting, or gardening. Find that way to find peace through a positive activity that engages your mind appropriately

Find the art form that allows you to express yourself. I find music to be very therapeutic. Many people journal (write) to get their feelings out. Some paint, even with their non-dominant hand to free the control of the mind. Some dance or sing. Look for a creative outlet to express your self

Learn something new. Instead of being stuck in your own mind, use that attention to gain new skills.

Eat properly. Being deficient in nutrients is never going to help your body normalize. So eat those colorful veggies and fruits. Consume complex carbohydrates. Have some protein. Help your body heal itself by providing the building blocks it needs.

And if you need professional counseling, seek help. These are people that have an education and experience. Don’t put a band aid on a broken bone. Use what is needed to regain your health.






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