What is a good fitness plan for someone who’s extremely busy?

Body-weight exercises.

Two months ago I started doing my 300 reps a day workout – and it takes me about 8-10 minutes max. It really works for me because it’s fun. If it wasn’t fun, I would have given it up.

The key is to always do 300, and no rest in between the exercises, and proper form with no rushing. How is this possible with no rest? It’s because you are working different muscles – you cannot do a continuous set of 300 pushups of course, nobody can, do –  but you can do 20 squats, 20 sit-ups, 20 pushups, 10 burpees, and so on.

Reps of what exactly?

Anything, alternating between 10-20 reps of any sort of exercise (just YouTube each for details):

  • regular squats
  • one legged squats (just try, at first you can’t but don’t worry, half move is also ok)
  • diamond pushups (hard at first, just keep at it)
  • regular pushups
  • wide pushups (for chest)
  • burpees (these are difficult but are amazing cardio)
  • regular ab crunches
  • side crunches
  • bicycle crunches
  • whatever awesome exercise you feel like inserting in between.
  • mountain climbers
  • dips for triceps (needs a chair or something else a bit elevated)

Afterwards I feel a lot more healthy, productive, optimistic, and generally awesome. After about 200 reps you will breathe like you’re jogging uphill. It’s totally amazing cardio and toning.

Why workouts like this?

  1. Because it’s more interesting – I absolutely hate being stuck with one muscle group per day – legs day, bicep day, back day – are you kidding me?! No, no! Do what you feel like doing; the purpose is to have fun while doing it. And this workout is amazing fun. Variety as you please. Feel free to add more awesome bodyweight exercises as you like in between.
  2. It’s a kick-ass workout – the burpees and mountain climbers are awesome cardio, and in between you work on your strength and build muscle with pushups, squats  and the others.
  3. I can do it really fast, I only need a workout mat (I don’t have a carpet and the floor is too cold). I sometimes do it before going to work in the morning – and it really makes a difference. I’m a completely different person at work after doing this.





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