What is the best way to overcome an addiction?

It is so rare that someone is able to overcome addiction without help that it is almost without precedent. Yet with help, it is entirely possible and many people have overcome their addictions to chemicals and/or behaviors with the help of others.

Addiction has much deeper roots than just the obvious compulsive behaviors. For example, chemical dependency can be both a result of PTSD and result in PTSD. Once someone has become addicted, they are no longer an intact personality.

Most people begin using drugs the same way – partying with their peer group in adolescence. Depending on the risk/protective factors that exist within the individual’s environment, most people will leave the partying behind as they pursue new and more wholesome interests in life. The individuals who continue using drugs and are considered addicted, generally have some underlying discomfort that is addressed by the drugs.

Addressing this underlying discomfort is imperative in treating addiction. Often the individual is coping with depression, anxiety or some other undiagnosed mental health issue. Recovery from addiction is much more comprehensive than simply removing the craving for a chemical. The whole person must be treated and the individual must remain responsible for their continued sobriety throughout the remainder of their life.






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