How do I stop blaming people for my failure and take responsibility of my own Life?

You have already taken the first step, which is REALIZATION.

Now, how to stop blaming others for your failure?

It’s simple! By figuring out, “what actually caused your failure?”

You have failed for two reasons:

  1. You didn’t give your best.
  2. People or things that you blame for your failure were actually hurdles that you didn’t fight with.

Remember: NO ONE can cause you any sort of HARM unless you let them do so.

If you think you could not clear your exams because your tutor/teacher wasn’t good, top and question yourself: were you good enough? Did you do enough to learn the most from your tutor/teacher?

For a minute, let’s assume that your teacher/mentor was actually not good enough to teach you or didn’t give you the right amount of effort or time. Still, it’s not right to blame them for your failure, as they didn’t cause your failure; they were just an obstacle in between your goal.

You were at fault for not fighting off obstacles that came in your path to success.

So next time you think of blaming someone or something for your failure, stop and think over the series of events that lead to your failure. You will realize that it was not others who are to be blamed but you yourself.

And my dear friend, don’t waste your time blaming others or even yourself for what happened. Instead take a step ahead towards your Goal.






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