Which religion is the true religion & why?

Religions are windows that humans use to see a supreme being, or the truth, or a higher reality.  That gives you multiple problems, as what you see through the window is not necessarily what’s really there, in the other side of the window.

So, what is the right window to see through?

Let’s assume from the beginning that there is a divine entity out there, but that it is so large and complex, there is no way you would comprehend it if you see it as a whole.  Then you need the window to filter it for you.  You would only be able to see part of it, not the whole.  Just picture this: how can a limited mind could be able to understand a limitless, infinite being?

The problem with the window is that it is tainted by humans.  And religion changes through time, as human thinking changes as well.  So, even though the being you see through remains the same, the window you use may change.  All religions face the same issue; none is free of this offsetting.

Based on this perspective, religion is only good as long as it helps you become a better person, to see a better picture of a bigger reality than the one your eyes can see on their own, and you should always keep in mind that none is true, and none is false: they only show you part of the truth.

Here is the deal: Science matches this definition of a religion, so it is also a window to see a bigger reality than the one our eyes can tell…





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