Why am I so shy?

Why you are shy and how to get rid of it are slightly different questions, but let me touch on both.

People are shy for various reasons, but the biggest reason is fear of rejection. We all want people to like us, and if I worry that people might not like my opinions, or my looks, or my company, or the way I dress, or the way I talk, or the jokes I make, that can make a person shy.
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What are some things money can’t buy?

You might have a degree from one of the costliest institutes in the world, but the sky soaring fees you have paid doesn’t ensure to widen up your knowledge or provide any experience about many worldly matters. A colleague with less fortune can still be more wise and experienced than you, which will advantage him to grow ahead in his career where your fancy degree or your money won’t work. For knowledge, wisdom and experience cannot be bought but just acquired with time and effort.

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Why are late 20’s very depressing?

Today’s 20-somethings are going through a number of psycho-social and biological experiences that make them especially vulnerable to depression. The importance of the 20s, depression is often triggered by loss. And the period between 18 and 29 is filled with potential losses: breaking up with a significant other, losing friends, losing a job, failing in school or not getting into an academic program, and realizing our dream career plans just might not work out.

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Are personality traits genetic?

Your genetic makeup does affect you to a certain extent, but perhaps less so than many people think. Your genes won’t decide whether you will be a successful business-person, just because your parents may be. But your genes can certainly influence the probability than you may have the predisposition towards certain areas of talent (or lack of it). One of my sisters is very artistic. Visually artistic, and this is the area she studied and the area she works in. I am as artistic as a banana. If I draw a stick figure people ask what that scribble is supposed to be. Another sister of mine studied accounting. I have to take a calculator to add up figures (sigh). So why aren’t we all talented in the same way? I mean, we all have the same genes, right? Wrong. If we had the same genes, we’d be identical twins. And we aren’t.

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What are the signs of God’s coming?

The creation of Israel, the creation of the atomic bomb, the Mayan writings of 2012, the passing of the first two blood moons after the millennium 2013 2016 that brings the birth of the one world leader. He’s born in between those two points. He’ll be rich winsome charismatic popular intelligent, he’ll be very much in the public eye, and his mother is from not so rich stock.




How can I become patient?

Impatience is mainly a person’s inability to withstand a certain irritating emotion. The less you can stand irritation and emotional pressure the more impatient you will become. It was found that the more a person is confident about winning the more patient he becomes.
The most important thing you need to know is that:

Patience is developed by practice. It is a practice of control over your emotions.

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